PROMOHOTEL started in 1993. The idea behind it stemmed from the desire to present modern western technologies and trends of the time in hospitality and catering to the local market in order to support and contribute to the development and promotion of the city and the region. Poreč was the logical choice for the venue considering tourism is its primary economic activity. The fair was held in March 1993 in the congress hall of the hotel Pical with around 450 sq.m. exhibition space and around 20 exhibitors from Croatia and Italy. The first year was marked by insufficient expertise in all areas, from organising floor space, stands, exhibitors and engaging visitors, of which there were around 500.


The fair in 1993 was organised without real stands, as a salon of hospitality and catering equipment. The challenge in the following few years was attracting exhibitors as the country was at war, which presented many political and security issues. The project was lead with drive and enthusiasm, which helped overcome many challenges and exhibitors were attracted by discounting and granting of grace periods. There was an increase in both the number visitors and exhibitors (36). The exhibition space was extended to include the halls and lobby of the hotel Pical.


In 1995 and 1996 PROMOHOTEL went through a period in which market trends and conditions were tested. The lack of available exhibition space forced PROMOHOTEL to be held twice a year in spring and autumn, and the number of exhibitors increased by 25-30%. During this time, the country was recovering from war and the organisation of the fair was presented with many problems. These were successfully resolved with perseverance and support from a few exhibitors that participated in the fair from the very beginning.


The lack of an appropriate exhibition venue forced PROMOHOTEL to move to the centre of Poreč in 1997. The sports hall “Veli Jože” was the venue until 2003 and offered 1250 sq.m. of floor space. This was further increased in 2000 when the exhibition space was extended to include the bowling alley and by constructing podiums in the sports hall seating area, which amounted to 1800 sq.m. This was sufficient to accommodate approximately 90 exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. There was a progressive rise in the number of, mostly business, visitors (approximately 3500).


The steady growth of the fair lead to another venue change, this time to the Plava Laguna owned INTERSPORT CENTRE. Interest in participation at the fair from domestic and international businesses grew to reach 120 exhibitors spanning 3300 sq.m. of exhibition space. The exhibition area spread out of the venue to include exhibition marquees. An autumn fair was held in the same year with around 100 exhibitors. The number of visitors reached a record 6500.


In March 2005, the organisational structure of PROMOHOTEL expanded to include the food and drinks industry and catering equipment. The fully extended 3700 sq.m. of indoor space and 1000 sq.m. of outdoor space was sold out to over 140 exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Sweden.


In 2011, after several years at the Intersport Centre in Plava Laguna, Promohotel changed its venue to the newly built sports hall Žatika just outside Poreč. More than 140 exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Serbia took part. During Promohotel a specialist exhibition PROMONATURA was held, which showcased organic and traditional local products of the Mediterranean.


The international fair Promohotel grows year after year, both in the quality of exhibitors and the number of visitors. The organiser Studio 053 was therefore looking to find a partner that could further stimulate the development of Promohotel. In previous years the hotel company Maistra d.d. organised a number of prestigious events in the former tobacco factory Rovinj (TDR), and Promohotel were keen to explore ways in which they could work together. Recognising Promohotel’s significance, Maistra’s interest for cooperation brought about a major change for Promohotel. In 2012 Maistra became the key partner of Promohotel, and for the very first time in its history the fair was held in Rovinj on the premises of the former TDR tobacco factory.


In 2013, at the insistence of long-standing exhibitors and business partners Promohotel returns “home” and continues with Poreč as its host city.


We take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all those who believed in PROMOHOTEL through the years and who have selflessly helped and supported in its organisation.